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Green Investment Bank to be privatised

The government has hung a ‘for sale’ notice on the door of the Green Investment Bank in a bid to move it into the private sector. The government and Green Investment Bank will together meet potential investors in the Green

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Plan on getting UK solar as cheap as fossil fuel electricity by 2020

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has published its ‘Solar Independence Plan for Britain’, setting out how the new government can steer rooftop solar-generated electricity to parity with retail electricity prices and utility-scale solar farms to parity with new gas CCGT

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Uniting against fuel poverty

A united approach from industry and government is required to end fuel poverty in the UK, explained by Roger Webb, director of the Heating & Hotwater Industry Council. Fuel poverty is a stark reality, but it isn’t just about keeping

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Government must make a long term workable energy strategy

‘The UK government must make a long term commitment to a single workable energy strategy if we are to deliver low carbon heat,’ says a new report from The Heating & Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC). The new report entitled ‘Pathways

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Which?: Next government must do more on energy efficiency

A new Which? report has called for the next government to radically re-think its energy efficiency strategy to help millions of consumers ensure their homes are better insulated. With energy bills consistently one of the top financial worries for consumers,

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