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Accurate Water Level and Temperature Datalogger

The Levelogger Edge, from Solinst (Canada), is an accurate water level and temperature datalogger that provides water professionals with a compact method of recording uninterrupted, long-term data. It uses a Hastelloy pressure sensor that performs well in high stress environments; it

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What Happens if We Run Out Of Water?

We drink it, we wash with it, and we use it to water our crops, hydrate our livestock, power electricity farms and rely on it for a multitude of other applications. At the moment the earth is awash with water

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Three quarters of renewable heat engineers revisits, costing £17M

Itron, a technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water, has revealed that 72% of heating engineers have been called back to projects in the last three years to address problems with the installation of

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Point of use water heating

Redring talks to HVP about the products it has developed to combat the amount of water and energy wasted waiting for water to heat up In the developing world, we waste 18 billion litres of water every day waiting for

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World Plumbing Council unveils research database

The World Plumbing Council (WPC) has launched a research database on its website, allowing users to follow plumbing and water-related research efforts around the globe. The idea is to provide a resource to all interested parties to help learn about research programmes

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