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New checklist aims to boost solar across UK commercial rooftops

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has published a simple and clear checklist to give managers in commerce and industry the confidence to put solar on their roofs. Commercial and industrial roofs dominate the solar market in Europe, but in the

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Plan on getting UK solar as cheap as fossil fuel electricity by 2020

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has published its ‘Solar Independence Plan for Britain’, setting out how the new government can steer rooftop solar-generated electricity to parity with retail electricity prices and utility-scale solar farms to parity with new gas CCGT

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New Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change unveiled

As part of the Conservative cabinet reshuffle, Amber Rudd has been appointed Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, replacing Ed Davey. The position is a promotion for Rudd, the former climate change minister and the Conservative MP for

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Government announces new auction system

The Government has announced which technologies and companies have won low carbon energy contracts in the new ‘Contracts for Difference’ auction for renewable energy. Contracts for Difference are the new support mechanism for nuclear, CCS and renewable energy introduced by

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Britain now boasts over 650,000 solar PV installations of all shapes and sizes

Official Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) figures out show that solar electricity generation almost doubled over the course of last year, with almost 5GW of capacity at the end of 2014, up from 2.8GW at the end of

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