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Make CO Alarms Law campaign brought to government

The House of Commons played host to a reception promoting the Make CO Alarms Law campaign on 2 February, which argues that carbon monoxide (CO) alarms should be mandatory in homes across England and Wales. The campaign is led by

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April introduction for new drainage regime

All new major commercial developments and housing developments of 10+ homes will have to have sustainable drainage systems installed unless demonstrated to be inappropriate. The long-discussed policy regarding sustainable drainage systems, or SuDS, is finally being introduced after publication of

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Ideal Boilers call for a life-saving new law

Ideal Boilers are supporting a campaign to help change the current law on carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, in an attempt to stop needless deaths from the poisonous gas. Honeywell and Plumb Center, the companies which are leading the campaign, are

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The House of Commons public accounts committee (PAC) has recommended greater transparency in the outsourcing of public services.

The MPs have called for the veil of secrecy that surrounds these contracts to be lifted and says that it is supported in this by the contractors themselves. It says that it is only the government that wants to keep

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