Pegler Yorkshire TMVs Now Boast Tectite Technology

74786395_Tectite_TMV_TX405_lrThe Tectite TMV utilises the latest innovations in metal push-fit technology and will provide connectivity to copper, stainless steel and PE-X and PB. It also benefits from additional push-fit advantages such as installed cost savings, as joints are made in a fraction of the time, heat free therefore no requirement for a hot works permit and rotatable joints which makes working in confined spaces easier.

The TMV itself carries with it the high performance guarantee by Pegler Yorkshire products. The Tectite TX405 series in-line TMVs are combined TMV3 and TMV2 compact mixing valves which meet the requirements of NHS Model Engineering Specification DO8, are third party approved through Buildcert. They also meet EN1111 and EN1287 standard allowing them to be used in domestic bath fill applications for new build properties in line with the mandatory requirements of Part G of the Building Regulations 2010.

Barrie Plant, product market manager for Pegler Yorkshire said: “By combining our extensive knowledge and expertise in the thermostatic mixing valve market with that of fittings we have developed a product that provides installers with an easy fit solution for our renowned TMVs.”

The new valves are fitted with a single purple cap which includes the TMV3 and TMV2 logos that provides a clear visual indication that the valve can be used in a variety of applications such as hospitals, care homes and domestic use.

For installers and contractors, the new valves retain the ease of service advantages and now also offer Tectite connection for pipe sizes 15mm to 22mm. The full Tectite TMV series are supplied with strainers and non-return valves, they offer a screw fixed tamper proof cap to prevent unauthorised adjustment of the valve temperature setting which is factory pre-set to 43C and come with easy to service union connections.

Barrie continued: “We are now offering our customers, whether they be merchants or installers, a product that boasts many advantages from reduced costs of stocking because of the compact combination of a TMV3 and TMV2 to the ease of fit due to the Tectite technology. And, as Pegler Yorkshire continues to innovate our customers will continue to experience the provision of system solutions rather than just products.”

The range will be extended further with the addition of Tectite TMV’s combined with 90 degree union angle valves later this year

Who are pegler yorkshire?

Pegler Yorkshire is well known and respected as one of the leading manufacturers of advanced plumbing, heating and engineering products in the world. It’s a reputation earned through a total dedication to quality, innovation and customer service that’s been the hallmark of the company since it was established in the 1890’s (originally trading as Pegler Ltd and Yorkshire Fittings Ltd).

Pegler Yorkshire’s success has been derived from a commitment to a philosophy based on quality, service, investment, competitiveness and innovation. This successful recipe has produced Pegler Yorkshire’s current product portfolio that continues to go from strength to strength with product development playing a vital role in company strategy and reflecting the markets changing needs.

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