Just a 12 months on from its launch, the Myson iVECTOR has already proved invaluable in the commercial sector. With its compact measurement and energy environment friendly heating expertise the iVECTOR has grow to be the pure selection for heating industrial buildings resembling schools, universities, care properties, and showrooms across the country.

Andrew Lowery, Product Manager, Myson Fan Convectors, explains the appeal of the highly versatile iVECTOR in the commercial sector, saying, “The value of wall and floor space can be overlooked, but in commercial environments such as corporate offices and retail environments, space is definitely money. The iVECTOR’s compact size, requiring minimal wall space despite its high level heat outputs allows both wall and floor space to be used more cost effectively, maximising the potential of commercial buildings as a valuable asset.”

Myson’s iVECTOR, hailed as the first in a new era of intelligent fan convectors, supplies a swift response to changes in temperature, delivering warmth when required. It yields spectacular warmth outputs even when operating at low water temperatures. With a solid one-piece casting the iVECTOR will be put in swiftly and easily.

The iVECTOR is an innovative fan convector, engineered to achieve maximum heat outputs from a minimum sized appliance thanks to a high efficiency heat exchanger; demonstrating Myson’s ability to design and manufacture highly efficient and decidedly practical heating products. It is ideal for use with traditional domestic boilers and renewable heat sources alike. iVECTOR makes the most of the benefits of a traditional fan convectors, such as high heat outputs and rapid heat-up times but goes one better by introducing silent operation at normal fan speeds, intelligent easy to use controls and the ability to cool when linked with a reverse cycle heat pump.

The general success of the iVECTOR has been reflected in its extensive take up to be used in an enormous array of business settings – even a garden centre. Generally these industrial buildings have great open spaces, which the iVECTOR can heat-up rapidly and efficiently.

The iVECTOR is simple to operate once put in, with options resembling 24/7 programmer, night setback setting, and even has a constructed-in option to link to a constructing management system (BMS). It comes with a 2-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Leading the way in Europe

MYSON is Europe’s leading technology partner. The company sets technical standards and its broad product portfolio encompasses the fields of radiators, towel warmers, fan convectors, underfloor heating, valves and heating controls.

As a result of constant innovation in the area of energy efficiency and unique design concepts, MYSON products are enthusiastically received by planners and heating engineers, as well as by the users of the rooms which are heated.

Maximum energy efficiency
Whatever your choice of heat source, MYSON can supply heat emitters that will work efficiently and reliably with your system. You can trust MYSON to help you identify the best heat emitters for your needs.

Energy efficient heating systems require effective temperature control. MYSON produce a complete range of innovative valves and controls that are easy to use, stylish and accurate.

Integral range & service
As a one-stop provider, MYSON not only guarantees a high-quality product range for optimal heat emission solutions, but also excellent advice and outstanding service.

More Options
Whether you are planning a new build project, doing renovation work or adding an extension, MYSON has the optimum heating solution for you. Choose MYSON and you can be confident that you are using the highest quality heating products and receiving the highest quality service available.

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