Importance of specific controls for healthcare facilities


Why consider specific controls for healthcare facilities?

Contamination of mixers and taps by Pseudomonas aeruginosa occurs mainly at the terminal, i.e. inside the
spout and around its outlet. As a result, this part of the mixer/tap should be the subject of special attention in
order to limit bacterial growth. To this end, DELABIE have designed specialist controls that facilitate preventive
action and, if necessary, curative action if contamination occurs.



Removable Controls
The BIOCLIP range of mixers and taps can be fitted with specialist spouts and the whole interior can
be cleaned – the only way to eliminate biofilm completely – helping to fight effectively against the
development of bacteria, especially Pseudomonas aeruginosa:

Mixers with removable spouts
Supplied with two brass spouts. The second spout ensures continuous use while the first is being cleaned.
Alternative options are:
– 15 disposable spouts: each spout must be replaced periodically depending on the level of risk.
– 10 BIOFIL filtration spouts which deliver bacteria-free water.

Mixers that can be fully removed from their bases
These BIOCLIP mixers and taps enable curative and preventive action to take place in healthcare facilities:

– Curative action: bacteriological monitoring in healthcare environments often requires the implementation
of remedial action. If contamination by pathogenic bacteria occurs, the mixers and taps can be easily
removed by maintenance personnel to enable the interior to be completely cleaned.

– Preventive action: to minimise the risk of bacterial proliferation in mixers and taps, we recommend
concentrating on preventive measures. BIOCLIP mixers and taps allow healthcare facilities to establish
regular cleaning protocols (approximately every 2 years depending on the type of facility) to eliminate


• Mixers and taps with low volumes of stagnant water

The new generation of DELABIE mixers and taps have specially designed interiors which reduce the volume
of water in the body. These internal passages have no recesses and help accelerate the water flow,
thus preventing the development of the biofilm. The risk of bacteria developing is considerably

• Mixers and taps with smooth interiors
Most mixers available in the market have spouts and bodies which are rough inside, and which provide
niches where bacteria can adhere.
To limit bacterial proliferation in mixers and taps, the new generation of DELABIE mixers are designed with
spouts and/or bodies that are completely smooth.




Mixers and taps with smooth bodies have Pseudomonas aeruginosa contamination levels 14 times lower than those with rough bodies.(Study conducted in June 2010 by the BioPI laboratory and the Department for Biological studies at Jules Verne University, Amiens).

• Electronic controls with automatic duty flush
Stagnant water is one of the leading causes of bacterial growth in water systems. To prevent water
stagnation in mixers and taps that are under-utilised (not used for more than 24 hours), all DELABIE’s
electronic controls are programmed with a periodic duty flush to prevent bacterial proliferation. An
automatic flush takes place for approximately 45 seconds every 24 hours after the last use, thus
preventing the bacteria from developing.

DELABIE offers BIOSAFE solutions tailored to each constraint and to control the proliferation of
bacteria in mixers and taps. These solutions can be combined to prevent the development of
pathogenic bacteria.

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