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Clients around the world rely upon Georg Fischer Signet for high quality flow and analytical merchandise which are easy to operate, and generate dependable results for all their process requirements. Georg
Fischer Signet
is part of the Georg Fischer Piping Methods Group based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, offering piping options for almost 200 years.


Ball Valve Type 546

The ball valve type 546 is yet another innovative product developed by GF Piping Systems; it comprises extensive experience and the latest technology.

fischer546A broad spectrum of product options supplies you with quality, flexibility, reliability, along with modularity. The ball valve sort 546, successor of the ball valve sort 346, is the fully developed results of forty years GF Piping Methods experience in plastic pipeline Know-How.

The ball valve type 546 is part of a modular system that satisfies your requirements on operational reliability as well as those on eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

Fields of Application:
• chemical process industry
• life science
• microelectronics
• measurement and control
• water treatment
• ship building
• food & beverage


• for the manual- and the actuated valve with many options – from electrical position feedback, the lockable handle to the pipe clip
• largest range of products (by way of the configurator several executions will be generated)
• ergonomic handle ( optionally available lockable ) with integrated tool for dismounting the union bushing
• integrated fixation system with mounted threaded inserts

• manual, electric and pneumatic actuated


PRIMOFIT is a compression fitting made of malleable iron which offers full end load capability. It is available with black or hot dipped galvanised surface.
fischerprimofitPRIMOFIT is suitable for the connection of steel-pipes, PE-pipes, lead-pipes and special steel pipes. Transition couplings from steel- to PE-pipe offer a good solution especially for utility companies.

Fields of Application

PRIMOFIT is best suited for new installations, pipe repair and pipe work extension, as well as for the exchange of valves and filters:
• water (cold-water, heating)
• gas (natural-gas, LPG, inside the building and outside)
• oil
• compressed air
• fuels

• very versatile connection – suitable for different pipe material and media
• quick and easy assembly – low costs
• no special tools or skills necessary
• dismantling not required (before installation)
• no threads on steel pipe required
• angular deviation possible (up to 3°)
• can be used in “awkward” places


iFIT is the most innovative pipeline system for bathroom/WC and heating installations. The innovative joining technology and modular system make iFIT fast, simple and cost-effective.

fischerifitWith 50% fewer parts within the range, the modular system is extra versatile than standard set up systems. This permits low inventories with most flexibility. Splendid for building sites, dependable and easily quicker.

Fields of Application:
• drinking water
• cold and hot water
• bathroom/WC and heating

• reliable processing thanks to view windows and click joints
• 100% inspection of all adapters assures system reliability
• fast mounting
• low investments
• detachable joints allow simple replacement within a constrained space
• short insertion depths, so that constrained spaces present no problems
• same tool and fittings for multilayer-composite and polybuthene pipes

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