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Friday, January 20th, 2012

ELNUR Thermal radiators don’t want liquid or gaseous fuels, they don’t produce any kind of combustion or emission to the atmosphere. They use electricity as probably the most protected, clean, ecological and financial possibility while in the market, benefiting from a hundred% of the consumed energy.

Perfect individual central heating, with programmable change-on timer and temperature for every room: hour by hour and day by day functioning on the Day, Night and Frost protection mode.

The usage of low viscosity thermal fluid additionally increases the overall caloric efficiency to the aluminium radiator giving optimum thermal transmission.

The natural convection of the air via the radiator allows good warmth distribution.

It maintains a low exterior temperature which does not eradicate moisture while in the air, no burns by contact and highly snug air ambience.

No need for upkeep as it has no boiler or pipes; no breakdowns attributable to lime accumulation; no water loss caused by leaks or faulty welding.

The patented and uniquely designed wall fixing bracket permits the radiator to be installed and levelled quickly and easily.

Along with the trendy aesthetics and wonderful end the thermal radiator will blend in with any décor and may be simply maintained and cleaned.

Digital Management with Programable 24/7 Timer (Elnur RFE range)

RFE thermal radiators permit numerous and straightforward features so that you can use totally different performance modes. They have been created to satisfy all the heating wants you may have.

Usually, traditional heating solutions do not permit a exact temperature management. RFE range permits an accurate temperature control of the room where they are installed.

RFE thermal radiators have an electronic chrono-thermostat that lets you set the best temperature in the course of the day or the night.
Additionally they have an digital programable timer which lets you preset the operation mode each 30 minutes of the day, per day of the week.

These features cover your wants and make it easier to to have exact control in the completely different areas of your own home: dinning room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom… You’ll be able to create your own programme depending on the use you give to each area.

· On – Off Switch.
· Luminous indicator.
· Thermal safety reduce out.
· Ratings from 500W to 2000W.
· Trendy aluminium body finished in epoxy powder coating RAL 9010.
· Distinctive wall fixing brackets included.
· Fitted with mains cable.
· Low viscosity thermal fluid made by Shell to extend the thermal transmission.
· Mode selector, three modes of operation:
DAY – normal,
NIGHT – Temperature cut back for economic efficiency and FROST PROTECTION.
· Non-obligatory casters on request.

About Elnur

Primarily based in Europe, Elnur was forged in 1968 and has grown into a world leading producer of fixed electrical heating merchandise, exporting world wide.

The Elnur merchandise were launched to the UK within the yr 2000 and have grown in popularity both with the specification/building markets, trade and retail customers.

Elnur UK’s rising range of products now include Elnur Thermal Electrical Radiators now available with Dry Expertise, Elnur Panel Heaters both with normal thermostat controls and 24hr timers, Elnur Storage Heaters which include Mixture and Fan Assisted variations, Elnur Electric Towel Rails in white or chrome and a cutting-edge range of Central Heating and Mixture Electric Boilers.

Products are designed as a long-term answer for permanent fixture in the house but are also often used as added, stand alone, or alternative heating.

Elnur products meet UK Constructing and Electrical specifications and are manufactured to fulfill UK and European safety standards.